Choose Network Office as your Voice and Data specialists in Brisbane.

At Network Office, we have been assisting businesses throughout Brisbane to streamline their workplace efficiency. There are many ways that we can achieve this, one of which is through voice and data communication hardware installations and software setups. We offer reliable and scalable voice and data solutions, including professional VoIP setups, to allow your business to connect like never before.

VoIP easily allows you to communicate with customers, suppliers and other staff. Using VoIP business phone systems, you can use the internet to connect with your clients and ensure that your business is up to date with the latest communication technologies.

What are Voice and Data communications?

Voice and data communications are different technologies that allow us to easily communicate with someone else. Whether it’s VoIP, PBX, business phone systems even an internet connection, voice and data communication technologies facilitate efficient business operations.

Keeping up to date with modern technology in your business can be tricky however, it is important so that you can effectively and efficiently communicate with staff, customers and suppliers.

Why Choose Network Office

Helping businesses to optimise their office environment and streamline their practices is what we have done for over 20 years. With a service and support network that stretches nationally, you can expect to receive industry-leading services and access to a large selection of outstanding products.

Don’t lift a finger, Network Office is here for you

The team at Network Office have you covered. Whatever your needs are, we can take care of the end-to-end processes, so that you can concentrate on what really matters to your business.

Sourcing Products

Network Office is proud to source the latest and highest standard of voice and data communication technology. We always look to offer reliable and flexible hardware to ensure that your business can add more handsets and grow if needed.

Simple Set-up

Want to connect quickly and efficiently? Our team are here for you. With years of experience, we will get you connected with the right hardware and the best software solutions to meet your unique needs and ensure that your business can function to its capacity.

Continued Support

We are proud to offer industry-leading support to our customers to ensure that you never get left behind when facing any technical difficulties. We understand how frustrating IT problems can be and this is why we are dedicated to getting your systems back up and running as soon as possible.